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By appointment only. Four clinic dates per month.

Clinic Services: Our Services


What to Expect

We try to make our experience as much like a regular doctor's office as possible.  Patients are greeted at our check in stations and might have paperwork to fill out while in the waiting room.  A nurse will take you to triage- height, weight, updating medicine list, etc. You'll go to an exam room to wait for the next available provider. Based on each patient's needs, they might order labs or write prescriptions.  We can draw blood for any regular labs in house and fill prescriptions that we have in stock.  If you need something we can't do at our clinic, we'll walk you through anything needed to complete your plan of treatment, including referrals or applications for financial assistance with pharmaceutical companies, specialists, or hospitals. 

Doctor's Appointment


What to Expect

When patients arrive at the clinic they are assessed by a dentist, you might need x-rays that we perform on site before the dentist knows how to help. The treatment plan is then used by a variety of volunteer dentists to care for the needs of the patient. Many of our patients need cavity fillings or tooth extractions. Occasionally we refer patients to UK's dental clinic for services we can't provide or are extensive. 

We have limited appointments for regular dental cleanings. 

We are not able to provide dentures or partials at this time. 

Dental x-ray


The pharmacy is open during every clinic for new prescriptions and refills for existing patients. Once a medication is prescribed, patients can call the pharmacy for refills as their prescription allows.  Each pharmacist is licensed and provides educational information for patients as they receive new prescriptions.
Many medications dispensed at the pharmacy are received through Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) provided by pharmaceutical companies, which require proof of income. This service is still available if you are paid in cash. We'll manage the process from there. Generic medications are also available to patients at the pharmacy. 

We do not prescribe or stock controlled substances. We do not fill prescriptions for patients seen at other clinics.

Pharmacists' hands
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